Daily English 1224 - Setting Timers and Alarms

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Laquisha: What’s in the bag?

Yun: Three alarm clocks and a kitchen timer.

Laquisha: What are they for?

Yun: I have a very important interview tomorrow morning and these will help me prepare for it.

Laquisha: How?

Yun: The timer will help me time my responses to common interview questions so I don’t run off at the mouth. See? Instead of the stopwatchfunction, I use the countdown function so I’ll know when to wrap up.

Laquisha: And the alarm clocks?

Yun: I have a habit of pressing the snooze button after an alarm goes off. I’ve tried different kinds of alarms: ones that buzz, ones that beep, ones that vibrate, and ones that use a ringtone. But I still fall back to sleep.

Laquisha: And what do you plan to do with three alarm clocks?

Yun: I plan to set the alarms one minute apart and put them around my bedroom. By the time I turn them all off, I should be awake.

Laquisha: And if not?

Yun: Then maybe I should be applying for jobs as a mattress tester.

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