Daily English 1222 - Describing Amounts and Movement of Liquid

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Jerry: Want to help me wash my car?

Helen: I guess so.

Jerry: Good. Squirt a little of this cleaning fluid into this bucket.

Helen: Okay, done.

Jerry: Then pour a capful of this into the bucket and mix. After that, dribble three drops of this special liquid into it and stir until you get a nice layer of foam on the surface.

Helen: Okay, but I usually just use soap and water.

Jerry: That might be fine for your car, but for my baby, it’s nothing but the best. Stop!

Helen: Why? I was just going to use this hose to spray water onto the car to get it wet.

Jerry: You can’t just splash water on the paint. You have to let it flow gently down from the roof of the car in a cascade.

Helen: You’re kidding, right?

Jerry: Not at all. Splattering water on the paint could damage it in the long run. Let the water gush out of the hose and onto the roof of the car. Let it caress the car like you’re…

Helen: You know what? I think this is getting a little weird. I think I’ll leave you and your baby alone.

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