Daily English 1215 - A Fear of Heights

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Christine: Help me! I’m going to fall!

Asahi: You’re not going to fall. I’ve got you.

Christine: Sorry, I have a fear of heights. I sometimes have panic attacks when I’m high up off the ground.

Asahi: Okay, but we’re not very high up.

Christine: I know. My phobia is totally irrational.

Asahi: That explains a lot, like why you live on the ground floor of your apartment building and why you didn’t want to go hiking near the cliffs.

Christine: That’s right. I try to avoid any situations that will trigger my fear.

Asahi: So how do you travel? Do you ever fly?

Christine: The one time I flew in an airplane I experienced vertigo and I hyperventilated until we landed. I was really agitated because I thought I was going to die. It wasn’t pretty. That’s why I normally drive or take a train.

Asahi: So I’m guessing no skydiving for you.

Christine: Not unless you want to find out how my stomach reacts to heights!

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