Daily English 120 - Employee Performance Review

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Don: So how did your end-of-the-year review go?

Becky: Oh, it was okay. I had my meeting with Mitch this morning and his bottom line is that he thinks I need to show more initiative. He thinks that I need to start being more creative.

Don: Did he actually say that?

Becky: Well, not in so many words. But I know that productivity is a big issue for him. Oh, he said the usual things like "Keep up the good work" and "Thanks for your hard work," but he also said that he's thinking about bringing some employees into my department. That, to me, means he's not satisfied with what I've been doing.

Don: Are you sure you're not reading too much into what he said?

Becky: No, I don’t. Either I shape up or my job is on the line.

Don: Well, I think you may be overreacting. Mitch likes to give everybody constructive criticism and I think that's what he was doing.

Becky: Do you really think so?

Don: Yes, I do. If you ask around, other people will tell you the same thing.

Becky: Maybe you're right. Thanks, Don. I feel better.

Don: I'm glad to hear it.

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