Daily English 1186 - Being in a Severe Storm

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Shana: Hey, did you hear that? There’s a severe storm coming. Let’s hope for the best.

Aecio: Yeah, I hope it doesn’t leave a lot of damage. We haven’t recovered from the aftermath of the last big storm.

Shana: No, when I said I was hoping for the best, I meant I’m hoping to catch it on film. The weather forecaster says that their radar has detected a big cycloneforming over this area.

Aecio: Let me get this straight. You’re hoping for a big storm?

Shana: Yeah, I’m a storm chaser. I’ve captured lots of tropical storms on film, and even a small tornado, but never a hurricane or typhoon.

Aecio: You mean you actually chase after storms?

Shana: Yeah, it’s fun. I hope one day to be there for a really big one and somehow get into the eye where it’s calm.

Aecio: You understand that with big storms come strong winds and floods, resulting in the destruction of homes and general chaos.

Shana: I don’t want anyone to get hurt. I’m just looking for a thrill.

Aecio: Right, just a little harmless fun!

Category: Nature + Weather

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