Daily English 1154 - Visiting Historic Sites

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Mary: I think we should call it a day.

Will: I think we still have time to visit one more historic site and this one is amazing. They’ve done a great job with preservation and restoration.

Mary: It’s not another old castle, is it?

Will: It’s not any old castle. This one dates back to the 1300s. If we’re lucky, we’ll be in time for the last guided tour with a docent who’s knowledgeable. And I hope we have time to visit the archives, too.

Mary: Oh no, not the archives.

Will: I wonder if they’re doing reenactments to commemorate any major historical events during our time here?

Mary: If we visit this castle today, we’re not coming back. There is a lot to see in this city other than old castles and monuments.

Will: Like what?

Mary: Like art museums and stores. It would also be nice to relax a little while on vacation.

Will: But what’s art and shopping when you’re in one of the most ancient cities in the world? And there’s no time to relax. We only have four days here. We have to make the most of it. Hey, where are you going?

Mary: I think it’s time to split up. You go see your castle and I’ll explore on my own.

Will: But you won’t get the full benefits of being in one of the most ancient cities in the world.

Mary: I think I’ll survive.

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