Daily English 1146 - Negotiating With a Street Vendor

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Sean: Just look at the quality of that. You won’t find a finer one anywhere.

Patrice: It’s nice, but it’s more than I want to spend.

Sean: Okay, just for you, I’ll knock off 10%. What do you say?

Patrice: I think it’s still too pricey. I think I’ll pass.

Sean: Wait! Don’t be so hasty. What you have there is a one-of-a-kind item. You don’t want to pass up something this special.

Patrice: I’ll think about it…

Sean: How about if I throw in a second one for the same price, a two-for-one offer?

Patrice: I thought you said this was one-of-a-kind.

Sean: Did I? I meant to say that there aren’t many out there like it. I just happen to have two. How about it?

Patrice: I think I’ll shop around first.

Sean: This offer is only good right now, so don’t walk away.

Patrice: Like I said, I’ll think about it…

Sean: All right. Name your price. Make me a reasonable offer and I’ll let you have it.

Patrice: How about 30% off?

Sean: That’s highway robbery! I’m just a street vendor trying to make a living here.

Patrice: Take it or leave it.

Sean: All right, you have a deal. You drive a hard bargain. You wouldn’t be looking for a job, would you?

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