Daily English 1144 - Being Assertive and Meek

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Victor: We need to take the bull by the horns. In the meeting today, we’re going to give it to them straight, no more hemming and hawing.

Maura: You’re right. We need to tell them what we really think and be done with it.

Victor: Definitely. We’ve been conciliatory long enough. Today, we need to be insistent without being too pushy.

Maura: Being unassuming and deferential has its place, but not if we seem meek. We need to be assertive without being too in-your-face.

Victor: You’re absolutely right. One of us has to speak up.

Maura: Yes, one of us has to be bold. They’ll have to take us seriously this time.

Victor: Okay, ready?

Maura: Sure, I have your back.

Victor: Huh? I thought you were going to do the talking.

Maura: Uh, I thought you were.

Victor: Maybe we should wait for the next meeting to take them on.

Maura: I totally agree. It’ll give us a little time to work up to it.

Victor: Exactly!

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