Daily English 1135 - Having Hearing Problems

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Bernadette: Why are you mumbling?

Claude: I’m not. I said, “What’s wrong with your hearing?”

Bernadette: Nothing is wrong with my hearing. You just need to speak up.

Claude: I’m practically shouting. You need to see a doctor about your hearing loss.

Bernadette: I’m not hard of hearing. It’s probably just a buildup of earwax.

Claude: This is more serious than earwax. Do you hear ringing in your ears?

Bernadette: Not more than usual.

Claude: Meaning you usually hear ringing sounds?

Bernadette: Sure, who doesn’t?

Claude: Uh, normal people. Have you been asking people to repeat themselves? Are you having trouble hearing people when there’s a lot of background noise?

Bernadette: Maybe.

Claude: It might be something as simple as an infection, but it could be more serious, like damage to your eardrum or inner ear if you can’t hear sounds at lowdecibels.

Bernadette: I am not getting a hearing aid.

Claude: Would you prefer people to yell?

Bernadette: What?! Smell? You think I smell? Well, that’s just rude!

Category: Health + Medicine

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