Daily English 1132 - Defending Your Ideas at Work

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Monica: That’s why I don’t think it’s doable. We should consider other ideas.

That was Monica. She’s my co-worker and my nemesis. She criticizes all of my ideas, but I’ve learned that the best defense is to not get defensive.

Kazuya: I appreciate your feedback. I understand your reservations, but let me show you these figures I’ve worked up, which I believe will address your concerns.

I knew Monica would attack my ideas, so I had come prepared.

Monica: That’s all very impressive, but I still think we need to consider other options.

Unfortunately, when Monica digs in her heels, I know that the only thing to do is to placate her. That plus a delaying tactic usually works.

Kazuya: Your comments have given me a lot to think about. We’re running short on time and we want to get to the other topics for discussion, so let’s come back to it next week.

Luckily, I know something else about Monica: She has a short attention span. By next week, she’ll be onto her next victim!

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