Daily English 1130 - Eating Breakfast Foods

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Emil: Look at this breakfast buffet. Wow, I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Tammy: I think I’ll just grab some cereal, fruit, and a bagel.

Emil: What?! How can you pass up this amazing buffet? I’m starting with some bacon, scrambled eggs, and hash browns.

Tammy: I don’t normally eat a big breakfast. If I’m still hungry after this, I’ll have some pancakes.

Emil: Pancakes! I’m going to have some pancakes when I’m done with this first round, plus some waffles and French toast.

Tammy: Well, more power to you. I can’t imagine anyone eating more than what’s already on your plate.

Emil: I’ve only just begun. After the pancakes, waffles, and French toast, I think I’ll have an omelet and some biscuits and gravy. I might even have room for one or two of those doughnuts.

Tammy: You’re not serious.

Emil: I’m dead serious.

Tammy: You sound like you’re planning on staying here all morning.

Emil: That’s right. Do you want to meet me back here for the lunch buffet?

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