Daily English 1123 - Describing Pleasant Scents

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Kitty: Oh, smell that. Isn’t that delectable?

Pepe: Yes, it’s pleasant.

Kitty: Pleasant? It’s heavenly. It has a nice fruity scent, not too sweet.

Pepe: If you say so. I don’t want to buy anything that has a strong perfume smell. I’m a guy.

Kitty: I know, but you want to exude a sexy scent that captivates the opposite sex, right?

Pepe: I’m not sure about that. I just want to smell fresh and clean.

Kitty: All right, how about this one?

Pepe: Uh, it smells musky.

Kitty: Musky is good. Musky is sexy.

Pepe: Not to me. Let’s stick with something basic. I’m buying this one.

Kitty: But that one smells like detergent!

Pepe: Yes, because that’s what I’m buying – detergent for my clothes. I don’t need any fancy scents on my clothes.

Kitty: Have it your way, but you’re missing out on a chance to lure women with your scent.

Pepe: I’ll pass up that chance, thank you very much. If I follow your advice and buy this perfume-smelling detergent, women will definitely get the wrong idea about me!

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