Daily English 1121 - Outdoor Sun Protection

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June: Wait! You forgot your sun hat.

Wally: I’m not wearing that hat. It looks ridiculous on me.

June: It’ll protect you from the sun’s rays. You’re too fair to be outdoors for long without protection. You don’t want to get another sunburn.

Wally: I’m wearing sunscreen. I’ll be fine.

June: This ChapStick has an SPF of 100. You’ll need that, too.

Wally: All right. Anything else?

June: Yes, these sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays.

Wally: Okay, I’m leaving now. I’m surprised you didn’t get me some protective clothing. My arms and legs are exposed.

June: I’m glad you reminded me. Here’s a sun cape. It’s made of a breathable fabric. Make sure you wear it every minute you’re outside. Promise?

Wally: [sigh]

Category: Health + Medicine|Nature + Weather

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