Daily English 1112 - Doing Impressions

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Edison: [in a high-pitched woman’s voice] “I’m paying you less and working you harder. What are you complaining about?”

Kay: Ha, ha. You sound just like Justine! You really have a gift for doing impressions, but maybe we should shut the door.

Edison: Oh I’m not worried about Justine hearing me. She’s my boss, but she’s not the boss of me.

Kay: What would she say if she saw you imitating the way she walks and the gestures she makes?

Edison: We all know what they say: Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Right?

Kay: I’m not sure Justine would see it that way. It sounds more like mockery to me. I think it’s all in the tone.

Edison: It’s a simple parody of how she normally addresses the staff. It’s all done in good fun. It’s not mean-spirited.

Kay: Of course not, but she might take it the wrong way.

Edison: Then she would need to learn to laugh at herself. It’s healthy for the ego.

Kay: “Whatever you say, boss. You’re always right, boss.”

Edison: Who was that supposed to be?

Kay: Remember what you said about imitation being the highest form of flattery...

Edison: That was supposed to be me? Me?!

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