Daily English 1102 - Discussing Capital Punishment

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Simon: What’s all that?

Hilary: It’s a news report about the upcoming execution of Perry Hickock.

Simon: That’s barbaric. We shouldn’t have capital punishment in this day and age.

Hilary: This guy killed an entire family while trying to rob them in their own home. He was convicted of multiple murders and given the death penalty. This is about justice.

Simon: This is about vengeance. He could have been given a life sentence without the possibility of parole. As it is, he has spent 22 years on death row.

Hilary: Oh, I see, you’re one those people who is soft on crime. You think our criminals should be coddled.

Simon: No, I don’t. But aside from my moral objections, executing someone with a lethal injection or the electric chair is inhumane. Many executions are botched each year.

Hilary: So what? These are people convicted of serious crimes. They deserve all the punishment they get.

Simon: I’m going to have to start calling you “Hang ‘em high Hilary.”

Hilary: And I’ll have to start calling you “Soft- hearted Simon.”

Category: Government + Law

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