Daily English 1096 - Improving Online Reviews

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Jerrise: Okay, you were right. We need to do something to improve business. Do you think we should take out an ad in the local newspaper?

Russell: We could do that, but I think a better strategy is to improve our online reviews.

Jerrise: Who looks at websites with unsolicited reviews? I’m not convinced that’ll help us.

Russell: Lots of people look at reviews when choosing which business to patronize. Right now, we only have three stars out of five, and that’s hurting us.

Jerrise: It’s hard to believe that adding a star will really improve our business.

Russell: Believe it. And those mediocre reviews we received last week? We should respond to each one and try to make it right.

Jerrise: Those reviews were written by a few disgruntled customers. We’re always going to have a few whiners.

Russell: Yes, but now they’re much more vocal. If they’re not happy with our service or product, we need to compensate them for their bad experience.

Jerrise: That would put us out of business!

Russell: No, that’s an investment in our business reputation.

Jerrise: What you’re saying is that we need to bribe people to write good reviews.

Russell: I wouldn’t put it that way, but we should recognize that crowdsourcing is the wave of the future and we needto move with the times if our business is to survive.

Jerrise: All right. I guess we can try that.

Russell: What are you doing now?

Jerrise: Writing my own review. I’ve always given myself excellent service!

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