Daily English 1074 - Becoming a Vegetarian/Vegan

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Ashley: I’m thinking of becoming a vegetarian. I think it would be the ethical thing to do.

Paul: Are you going to eat eggs and dairy? If you’re doing this for ethical reasons, you really should avoid anything made with animal products or animal by-products.

Ashley: I guess you’re right.

Paul: Then you’re going to be a vegan. You won’t be able to eat any milk, butter, cheese, or yogurt.

Ashley: Really? I guess I’ll have to be a vegan then.

Paul: You’ll have to eat a varied diet so you don’t have a vitamin deficiency.

Ashley: Yes, I’ll have to guard against that.

Paul: Are you going to avoid buying things that are animal-derived, too? Like leather shoes and belts?

Ashley: I hadn’t thought of that. I suppose I should.

Paul: Are you having second thoughts?

Ashley: No, I just didn’t know there would be so many restrictions.

Paul: Just be glad you didn’t choose to become a fruitarian.

Ashley: What’s that?

Paul: You don’t want to know.

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