Daily English 1065 - Making Soups and Stews

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Charlotte: Mmm, something smells good.

Mohamed: Hey, put down that lid!

Charlotte: Sorry, I just wanted to see what you’re making.

Mohamed: I’m making chicken soup.

Charlotte: I’m really in the mood for a hearty stew. There’s nothing more appetizing on a cold day than a good stew.

Mohamed: Right, well, this is a simple chicken soup with a clear stock and vegetables.

Charlotte: All you would have to do is thicken the soup and let it simmer a little longer. Then, presto! You have a stew.

Mohamed: I get it. You’re partial to thick soups, but I feel like making a simple chicken soup. I don’t have time to cook a stew in a slow cooker, which is how I usually make it, not in a pot.

Charlotte: All right, all right. Oh, a nice purée or bisque would be nice too. Doesn’t a chowder sound good right now? I could really go for a nice bowl of chowder.

Mohamed: Fine, we’ll have chowder for dinner tomorrow.

Charlotte: Really?

Mohamed: Yes, and it’ll be the best chowder you’ve ever tasted – that comes out of a can.

Category: Food + Drink

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