Daily English 1063 - Preparing for a New Baby

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Wanda: Oh hi, I wasn’t expecting you today.

Enrique: We’ve been cleaning out our garage and your sister said I should come by with a few things for your baby.

Wanda: That’s really sweet of you guys, but I’m not due for another six months.

Enrique: But you’ll need these things to get the baby’s room ready, right?

Wanda: Well, we don’t actually have a baby room set up yet.

Enrique: There’s no time like the present. Here’s a crib and the mattress. It just needs to be assembled. Oh, here are some bumper pads that go with it.

Wanda: Great.

Enrique: Here’s a changing table.

Wanda: Wow, that’s really big.

Enrique: Here are two car seats, one for infants and one for toddlers, and here’s a booster seat.

Wanda: That’s a lot of stuff. Are you sure you want to part with all this?

Enrique: Positive. Here’s a basic baby monitor and a video monitor so you can keep tabs on the little one.

Wanda: Whoa, what’s in all these bags?

Enrique: They’re baby and kids clothes. You’ll need more than you think.

Wanda: That’s really generous of both of you, but are you sure you want to give it all to me?

Enrique: Of course, you’re family and this will help you save a lot of money.

Wanda: And it’ll free up garage space for your new workshop?

Enrique: Well, why not kill two birds with one stone?

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