Daily English 1053 - Buying Food at the Concession Stand

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Jim: We only have three minutes before the movie starts. You grab two seats and I’ll hit the concession stand.

Suki: Can I help you?

Jim: Yes, I’d like a large popcorn and a hot dog with the works.

Suki: Anything else?

Jim: Yes, I’ll also take an order of nachos and a pretzel.

Suki: Sorry, we’re out of pretzels right now, but we have cotton candy, snow cones, and pizza.

Jim: All right, then give me a slice of pizza.

Suki: Will that be all?

Jim: No, I’d also like a box of licorice, a package of beef jerky, and an ice cream sandwich.

Suki: Anything to drink?

Jim: Yes, I’ll take two large sodas.

Suki: All right, that’ll be $84.50.

Jim: What?! That’s highway robbery!

Suki: Our prices are posted on the board. You can see them right up there. Do you still want all this?

Jim: Just give me the soda and popcorn.

Suki: Are you sure you’ll make it through the movie with just that?

Jim: I have no choice. I’d have to commit robbery if I wanted anything else!

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