Daily English 10 - Relaxing, Reading the Mail, and the Trash

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With the dinner dishes done, my wife and I each sit down on the couch to chill out and watch the national news which comes on at 6:30.  During the newscast, I sort through the day’s mail.  Most of it is junk mail and bills.  There are also several fliers for houses for sale in the area.  I check the front stoop and see that there are no packages.

I like to watch TV and my wife likes to watch reality shows.  One thing I hate is having to watch all of the commercials, so I turn the sound down when they come on.  After the show is over, I thumb through the latest issue of the Atlantic Monthly, while my wife reads a novel by her favorite mystery writer.

At around 9, I remember that tomorrow is trash day, so I take the kitchen garbage out and dump the recycling bins as well.  I roll the trash container out to the street ready for the garbage trucks, which come by early in the morning.

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