Daily English 1301 - Describing Very Large and Small Sizes

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Ian:  Oh, look at your team. How cute! You’ve recruited the puniest players you could find.

Shannon:  Are those your players? They’re humungous!

Ian:  My players are the best around. They’re massive in size and massive in talent. They’ll crush your teeny-tiny team without breaking a sweat.

Shannon:  Our teams are supposed to have players from the same age group, so why is it that I have normal size players and yours are gigantic? Something doesn’t smell right.

Ian:  It all comes down to recruitment. I recruited the best players.

Shannon:  Are you sure you don’t have a few ringers on your team, some who are a few years older than they’re supposed to be?

Ian:  Of course I don’t. I can’t help it if the best players gravitated toward my team and to my better coaching. Ready to be schooled?

Shannon:  I think I’d better give my team a pep talk first. A few of them look like they’re ready to bolt – or throw up!


Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Daily Life

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