Daily English 1285 - Types of Commendations

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Marissa:  Can you believe it? We’ve received over 100 entries for the science fair.

Santiago:  That’s great! We now need to decide what types of awards to hand out.

Marissa:  Everybody likes money. How about a cash prize?

Santiago:  We’re working with a very small budget here. We can’t afford a cash prize and I’m not sure that it would send the right message anyway.

Marissa:  The next best thing is a trophy.

Santiago:  We don’t have the budget for trophies if we plan to give out more than one commendation.

Marissa:  Then how about medals?

Santiago:  We can’t afford good ones and nobody wants a cheap plastic medal.

Marissa:  So I guess plaques are out, too?

Santiago:  I’m afraid so. I was thinking of ribbons, different color ribbons for different prizes. What do you think?

Marissa:  I guess ribbons would be okay. After all, it’s the praise and recognition that matters.

Santiago:  Exactly. And for those getting honorable mentions, a certificate will do. We’ll also need certificates of participation for the rest.

Marissa:  So everybody gets something?

Santiago:  That’s right. We don’t want anyone to leave empty-handed.

Marissa:  Even if their entry isn’t worthy of recognition?

Santiago:  All entries are worthy of recognition – just some more than others.


Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Daily Life

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