Daily English 1245 - Measuring Mass and Volume

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Andre:  Three gallons of water.

Dana:  Check.

Andre:  A quart of lemon juice.

Dana:  Got it.

Andre:  A tablespoon of bleach.

Dana:  Bleach?

Andre:  Bleach.  A pint of vinegar.

Dana:  It’s in there.

Andre:  A cup of baking soda.

Dana:  Okay.

Andre:  A teaspoon of liquid detergent.

Dana:  Done.

Andre:  A pound of bath salts.

Dana:  A pound?

Andre:  A pound.  Three tablespoons of chlorine.

Dana:  Okay.

Andre:  An ounce of perfume.

Dana:  Done.  Do you really think this is necessary?

Andre:  Have you smelled your stinky dog?!

Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

Category: Home + Community

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