Cultural English

91-120 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 91

Topics: Ask an American: Interpreters, pronouncing years and punctuation marks, school leavers and drop outs

Cultural English 92

Topics: Fourth of July, Preamble to the U.S. Constitution, Schoolhouse Rock, will versus shall, to come off

Cultural English 93

Topics: American cities: Las Vegas, Google and privacy on the Internet, red tape, to catch lightening in a bottle, pronouncing ordinal numbers

Cultural English 94

Topics: Famous Americans - Katie Couric, Payday loans, pronouncing listen, stepbrother versus half-brother, godmothers and godfathers

Cultural English 95

Topics: Ask an American: Getting into an MBA program, to spell out something, about to break, breakdown, conscience versus conscious

Cultural English 96

Topics: How to become a doctor, how much Americans earn, using from, between, and during, fire versus arson, town hall meetings

Cultural English 97

Topics: Atlanta; Famous Americans: Michael Moore; to have versus to have got, singular versus plural verbs with percentages, sort of versus kind of

Cultural English 98

Topics: McJobs; Robert’s Rules of Order; in for a dime, in for a dollar; a police officer’s beat, could versus would, center versus centre

Cultural English 99

Ask an American: Losing weight in America; 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall, to be (someone’s) man through and through, doggone, to see one’s share of (something), to say (something) 10 times fast

Cultural English 100

Topics: Traveling in the U.S., gimmick versus trick, to call ‘em like you see ‘em, spite versus respite, in demand versus on demand

Cultural English 101

Topics: American cities: Honolulu, fantasy sports camps, to freeze a bra, coupon versus voucher, illicit versus illegal

Cultural English 102

Topics: the Pledge of Allegiance, tomato as fruit versus vegetable, to be raised versus to grow up, buy versus purchase, to take the bull by the horns, can versus may versus could when asking for permission

Cultural English 103

Topics: Ask an American: Raising children, one of those, reply versus answer, customer versus purchaser

Cultural English 104

Topics: American cities: Nashville, Grand Ole Opry; school fund-raisers, to hold on to your hat, to be put inside, a blow-by-blow account

Cultural English 105

Topics: Why Americans don’t use the metric system, how to dress in Los Angeles versus New York, yutz, to go back to square one, what to call your cousin’s son, I’m done with you

Cultural English 106

Topics: American folklore: Bigfoot; Who’s on First?, to tear apart, Cliff Notes, to fall out of love

Cultural English 107

Topics: Ask an American: Socially Responsible Companies, case study, to be at sea, to knock (someone’s) socks off, to take one’s time

Cultural English 108

Topics: Route 66, playground games for children, on time versus in time, counting seconds using Mississippi, to knock yourself out

Cultural English 109

Topics: Cities: Tucson, Arizona (Interview with Dr. Lucy Tse), Harper’s Index, to get a kick out of (something), to commute, to not stand for (something), “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

Cultural English 110

Topics: How to become a teacher in the U.S., steps in ordering food in a restaurant, to walk the walk and talk the talk, constraint versus restraint, monkey business, on a regular basis

Cultural English 111

Topics: Famous Americans: Yo Yo Ma; Popular books in the U.S., pronouncing contractions, to figure out versus it figures, there will be no versus there will not be, if you will

Cultural English 112

Topics: Ask an American: Roswell, New Mexico; holiday versus vacation, arbitrator versus referee versus umpire, Ay, caramba!

Cultural English 113

Topics: Gallaudet University, U.S. call signs for radio and TV stations, outfit versus gear versus equipment, pronouncing law and low, so versus very

Cultural English 114

Topics: Cities: Boston; vanity license plates, to make a difference versus to make the difference, lame, devil’s advocate

Cultural English 115

Topics: Professional wrestling, National Geographic, would-be versus wannabe, be my guest, why not?

Cultural English 116

Topics: Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, progress versus process, would in the past tense, to be on the chunky side

Cultural English 117

Topics: Ask an American: Business travel in the U.S.; bang for your buck, original versus initial, the longest word in English

Cultural English 118

Topics: How to become the president of the United States, tailgating parties, seize versus arrest versus detain, pronouncing “the,” expressions for showing sympathy

Cultural English 119

Topics: Cities: Anchorage, Alaska; John Henry; you might as well, to hit the ground running, the “café” in English Café, what goes around comes around, breaking news

Cultural English 120

Topics: Men and “dumb blondes,” the Rotary Club, grade versus score, how do I get to versus where do I find, my friend versus a friend of mine

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