Cultural English

61-90 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 61

Topics: How to work in the United States, interracial dating and marriage, to lean on someone’s shoulder, pronouncing math expressions, rather

Cultural English 62

Topics: New York City, abbreviations after a name (Ph.D., MD, RN, DDS, Esq.), say vs. talk vs. speak vs. tell, towel vs. napkin, what to say when you’re shopping

Cultural English 63

Topics: Dates for dogs, “Me, too!”, Something 101, I’m game, to hover over, travel vs. trip vs. journey, up to vs. until, “Word up!”

Cultural English 64

Topics: “There you go!” vs. “There you are!”, estimate vs. determine, bump vs. dip, opposite vs. in front of, mudslinging, shade vs. shadow, assure vs. ensure vs. insure, definitely vs. exactly

Cultural English 65

Topics: Native rate of speech, to preach to the choir, common sense, “though” at the end of a sentence, possess vs. own, allow you to vs. allows you to, pronouncing “twenty” and “ninety,” picking a suitor, a make-out scene

Cultural English 66

Topics: Ask an American: College Life in the US, all but, specialty vs. speciality, to cut someone off, Don’t be a…, moonshine, to cut someone off

Cultural English 67

Topics: In the News: pretexting, “stay the course,” The Daily Show and The Colbert Report, “if that’s anything to go by,” color vs. hue, contribute vs. attribute, “the die is cast”

Cultural English 68

Topics: Ask an American: Raising a large family, criteria vs. standard, through vs. throughout, to call it quits

Cultural English 69

Topics: Studying abroad in college, Americans and gun control, come and eat vs. come to eat, in spite of vs. despite

Cultural English 70

Topics: Current Movies: Stomp the Yard and Dreamgirls, vibe, sick vs. ill. vs. cold, to hold someone’s hand vs. to hold onto someone

Cultural English 71

Topics: How to ruin your computer, how much things cost in the US, secret vs. confidential vs. private, cliché vs. touché

Cultural English 72

Topics: In the News: The Nobel Effect, dangerous bicycle helmets; to talk someone out of something vs. to have it out with someone; I’ll wait for you vs. I’ll be waiting for you; mixture

Cultural English 73

Topics: Philadelphia, jury duty, canary in a coal mine, rule of thumb

Cultural English 74

Topics: Ask an American: Being a single woman in the US, obviously vs. apparently, sorrow, to delay vs. to postpone vs. to defer

Cultural English 75

Topics: American Songs - Sound of Silence, Good for you! and Good for him!, realize vs. recognize vs. notice, farther vs. further

Cultural English 76

Topics: Scientology, Wikipedia, establishment figures, to not have a clue, at that time, Pardon my French!, Right on!

Cultural English 77

Topics: American houses, what Americans think they need, using “the” before a country’s name, either vs. neither

Cultural English 78

Topics: Daylight Saving Time, March Madness, to solve vs. to resolve, She smells good vs. She smells well

Cultural English 79

Topics: Ask an American - Working, quote vs. offer, Something’s Gotta Give

Cultural English 80

Topics: Google Book Search, Clint Eastwood, village vs. neighborhood, to retrieve vs. to recover, cooking vs. cuisine

Cultural English 81

Topics: Earth Day, Dr. Seuss books, pronouncing sin, sing, hit, heat, and hate; about six o’clock versus around six o’clock; What I wouldn’t give versus What I would give; I couldn’t care less versus I could care less

Cultural English 82

Topics: US advertising in other countries; Habitat for Humanity; bad-tempered vs. short-tempered; no pun intended; to be raining cats and dogs

Cultural English 83

Topics: Ask an American - International students in the U.S. don’t versus doesn’t; ain’t; you singular versus you plural

Cultural English 84

Topics: Homelessness in the U.S.; prenups and postnups; “Smith’s the name, oil’s the game”; to weep versus to cry, to see someone smile

Cultural English 85

Topics: U.S. Census, Driving While Texting, as well as versus as long as, change versus alter versus modify versus transform

Cultural English 86

Topics: Famous Americans: Frank Gehry, Memorial Day, odd one out, as good as it gets. film versus movie

Cultural English 87

Topics: Trouble with my car, Ask an American: Home Schooling, breakthrough versus to break through, to ride shotgun

Cultural English 88

Topics: Yellowstone National Park, summer jobs for teenagers, I’ll be in later versus I’ll be in late, loudly versus aloud versus loud, pronouncing lounge, lunch, and launch

Cultural English 89

Topics: Airport X-ray machines, Guinness Book of World Records, to be under siege, to run like butter, girlfriends, to trade up

Cultural English 90

Topics: State and county fairs, Stan Lee and Spider-Man, Miss versus Mrs. versu Ms., to be in bloom, in order to

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