Cultural English

481-510 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 481

Topics - The Three Mile Island Accident; Famous Buildings: Chrysler Building; quarrel versus argument versus controversy; concerned versus worried; amounted to

Cultural English 482

Topics: American Authors – Willa Cather; the basics of hockey; oblivious versus forgetfulness; carnivore versus predator; equal versus identical

Cultural English 483

Topics: American Presidents – William Howard Taft; deprecated versus obsolete versus outdated; to insist versus to persist; to set (one’s) jaw square

Cultural English 484

Topics: American Movies – Sunset Boulevard; the Borscht Belt and the Chitlin’ Circuit; renumeration/remuneration versus reimbursement versus kickback; to print off (copies) versus to photocopy; nitty-gritty

Cultural English 485

Topics: Famous Americans – Charles and Ray Eames; The Black Fives Leagues and The Negro Baseball Leagues; inner and outer versus inside and outside; severely versus seriously

Cultural English 486

Topics: Ask an American – Independent Bookstores; ever since versus ever after; varied versus various; ability versus skill

Cultural English 487

Topics: The Lenny Bruce Trial; American Cancer Society; to assume versus to guess; turtle versus tortoise

Cultural English 488

Topics: American Musicals/Movies – The Producers; The Statue of Liberty; sponsored by versus powered by versus encouraged by; putting the crunch back; hoochie

Cultural English 489

Topics: American Authors – Alex Haley; American Bandstand; continuous versus contiguous; let alone and to kick the bucket; the birds and bees talk

Cultural English 490

Topics: Famous Americans – Muhammad Ali; The Golden Gate Bridge; valuable versus invaluable; north/south versus northern/southern; common ground and universal experience

Cultural English 491

Topics: American Presidents – Rutherford B. Hayes; emission versus propagation; he/she don’t; to do (someone’s) bidding

Cultural English 492

Topics: Movies – Twelve Angry Men; Washington National Cathedral; cool versus awesome; closure and mental loafer; no biggie

Cultural English 493

Topics: Americans Abroad – The Founding of Liberia; The Gateway Arch; to struggle versus to fight versus to carry on; to churn and burn; hipster doofus

Cultural English 494

Topics: American Authors – Jack London; Our Gang and The Little Rascals; gruesome versus horrible versus disgusting; son of a gun; to lash out

Cultural English 495

Topics: Famous Americans – Jim Henson and The Muppets; The Doors; peculiar versus freaky; ambiance versus environment; to wet (one’s) whistle

Cultural English 496

Topics: Ask an American – Digital music technology; It’s called being nice versus It’s called been nice; to stutter versus to stumble; mean

Cultural English 497

Topics: American Presidents – James A. Garfield; to resign/draw/abandon match; gorgeous versus magnificent; nail in (someone’s) coffin

Cultural English 498

Topics: American Movies/Musicals – Mary Poppins; Craigslist; oblivion and to overwhelm; to select versus to elect; wee hours

Cultural English 499

Topics: Americans Abroad – The Confederados in Brazil; Chaco Canyon National Historical Park; speaking in tongues, folks, porridge, and just right; to ingratiate (oneself) with

Cultural English 500

Topics: Famous Americans – Elizabeth Blackwell; The Metropolitan Museum of Art; to delay versus to put off versus to procrastinate; during versus while; sheer

Cultural English 501

Topics: Famous Movies – Raiders of the Lost Ark; Hotel Del Coronado; to forfeit versus to nullify versus to revoke; nonetheless versus nevertheless; to live versus live

Cultural English 502

Topics: The Massie Trial; concept versus content versus context; whereas versus while; [month]+[date] versus [date] of [month]

Cultural English 503

Topics: American Presidents – Calvin Coolidge; further versus furthermore versus more; resilience versus resistance; You can say that again.

Cultural English 504

Topics: American Movies – The Fugitive; The United States Capitol Building; knowable versus scrutable versus tangible; to go through versus to get through; to man up

Cultural English 505

Topics: Famous Americans – Jonas Salk; The Wanamaker Department Stores; it’s all yours; good for you; fair enough; hyphen versus dash; All of the good, none of the bad

Cultural English 506

Topics: Ask an American - International work visas; to demonstrate versus to indicate versus to denote; hoot and to not give a hoot; Nice to meet you

Cultural English 507

Topics: The Leo Franks Trial; on hand versus in hand versus at hand; discrete versus discretion

Cultural English 508

Topics: American Musicals – Cabaret; The Guggenheim Museum; relation versus relationship; rerun versus syndication; belly of the beast

Cultural English 509

Topics: American Playwrights – Arthur Miller; Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood; to evoke versus to invoke; fluently versus fluency; pronouncing bought and boat, late and let, and beer and bear

Cultural English 510

Topics: American Presidents – Benjamin Harrison; to call the shots versus to wear the pants; inquiry versus enquiry; There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

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