Cultural English

361-390 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 361

Topics: Ask an American – The global economy; insidious versus vile versus despicable; lock and load; fancy versus fanciful

Cultural English 362

Topics: American Presidents - Harry S. Truman; to handle versus to address versus to deal with versus to cope with; naysayer; hold that thought

Cultural English 363

Topics: Cigarette advertising and cigarette icons; how local government works; to assist in versus to assist with; calf versus cub; to hold forth

Cultural English 364

Topics: The O.J. Simpson Trial; to major versus to graduate; to pry; technically versus practically

Cultural English 365

Topics: Movies - King Kong; Famous Americans - Lance Armstrong; its sounds versus it sounds as if; acting versus pretending; gobbledygook

Cultural English 366

Topics: Ask an American: Saving the space program; point versus period versus dot; using “no” with a verb; all the same

Cultural English 367

Topics: American Authors – Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and All the President's Men; Famous Songs – “Over There"; to borrow versus to debit versus to lend versus to loan; using ago with since; ambivalence versus conflict

Cultural English 368

Topics: American Presidents - Ronald Reagan; using suffixes; to persuade versus to convince; to bring around/round

Cultural English 369

Topics: Ghost towns of the Wild West; dime novels and pulp magazines; kidding versus joking versus teasing; television show versus television series; phrase

Cultural English 370

Topics: Movies - Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid; Mount Rushmore; threat versus menace versus peril; using “should” with “have to”; role reversal

Cultural English 371

Topics: Ask an American - Asian Immigrants; to note versus to notice versus to notify; assessment versus appraisal; to be full of (oneself)

Cultural English 372

Topics: Famous Americans - Aimee Semple McPherson; Famous songs - "Turkey in the Straw"; marriage versus wedding versus wedlock; otherwise; pronouncing contractions

Cultural English 373

Topics: The Chicago Seven; American Authors - Horatio Alger; murderer versus killer versus assassin; ...and all; so forth and so on

Cultural English 374

Topics: Famous Americans - Jimi Hendrix; the melting pot metaphor; U.S. state numbers and nicknames; by any stretch of the imagination; to play it fast and loose

Cultural English 375

Topics: The Lone Ranger; the Liberty Bell; uprising versus revolution versus rebellion; given; revenge versus vengeance

Cultural English 376

Topics: Ask an American - The Appeal of Superheroes; property versus propriety versus proprietary; trust versus believe; little does he know; suffocated; to relish

Cultural English 377

Topics: The Sam Sheppard Trial; Plymouth Rock; to counsel versus to consult; to hit (one/someone) head on; to scare the crap out of (one/someone); a bee in (one’s/someone’s) bonnet

Cultural English 378

Topics: Redshirting; Mesa Verde National Park; to wrap up; to bother versus to interrupt versus to disturb; blind spot

Cultural English 379

Topics: Famous Authors - Ray Bradbury; foreign languages taught in U.S. schools; to repair versus to fix versus to mend; to the north versus north of; food versus meal versus repast

Cultural English 380

Topics: American Presidents - Andrew Jackson; Redwood National Park; safe versus save versus to save; to be implicated in versus to be involved in; one and only

Cultural English 381

Topics: Ask an American - Participatory Science; to attend versus to take part in versus to participate in versus to join; standalone versus to stand alone; hair of the dog that bit me

Cultural English 382

Topics: Famous Songs - "Chicken Fat"; Hells Angels; other versus another; through; it’s a given versus it figures

Cultural English 383

Topics: Famous Americans - Bobby Fischer; Kiss; barely versus scarcely; polite phrases used to refer to death; situation versus circumstance

Cultural English 384

Topics: The Hatfields and the McCoys; serving in the military to obtain U.S. citizenship; consistent with, in agreement with, coincide with, and identical to; software versus application versus app; to run out of versus to be out of

Cultural English 385

Topics: Famous Playwrights – August Wilson; low-income housing; to keep in mind versus to bear in mind; goose down blanket and other bedding; beauty is only skin deep

Cultural English 386

Topics: Ask an American – Undocumented students and college tuition; stop thinking negatively; very; smoking hot

Cultural English 387

Topics: Movies - The Maltese Falcon; Napa Valley, California and wine country; usage of “bit”; abuse versus assault; to put (someone) in the picture

Cultural English 388

Topics: Famous Americans - Sandra Day O'Connor; understanding American football; the meanings of “to draw”; out for lunch versus out to lunch; for crying out loud

Cultural English 389

Topics: Famous Songs - Red River Valley; how recall elections work; to reduce versus to lessen versus to decrease versus to decline; sort/to sort; to intervene versus to interfere

Cultural English 390

Topics: American Authors - Emily Post; American Cities - Branson, Missouri; either versus both; to do a special on (someone/something) versus to do a segment on (someone/something); to towel off

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