Cultural English

331-360 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 331

Topics: Ask an American: Online money management; don’t worry versus don’t bother; not only; to move/get past a feeling; pronouncing wool versus wall

Cultural English 332

Topics: Famous Americans: Michael Jordan; the Quakers; tag questions; the derivation of “okay”; to learn versus to study

Cultural English 333

Topics: Movie - Star Wars; the Security and Exchange Commission; shame versus pity; reading numbers aloud; to be left cold

Cultural English 334

Topics: Grand Teton National Park; Famous Songs: "She'll be Coming 'Round the Mountain"; congratulations versus thanks versus kudos; literally; to take the time

Cultural English 335

Topics: Spy trials of the 40s/50s - Alger Hiss & Julius and Ethel Rosenberg; Johnny Appleseed; feeling versus emotion; expression versus term; drop dead

Cultural English 336

Topics: Ask an American - Self-publishing; intrinsic versus native versus innate versus congenital; recently versus currently; soccer

Cultural English 337

Topics: Famous Authors - Stan and Jan Berenstain and the Berenstain Bears; getting married; to stand for versus to refer to (as); the past simple and the present perfect tenses; especially

Cultural English 338

Topics: Famous Americans - Ansel Adams; Ben & Jerry's; to find out versus to figure out versus to seek; “too” constructions; dummy versus idiot

Cultural English 339

Topics: American Presidents - Herbert Hoover; knock-knock jokes; awful versus terrible versus terrific; initials in nicknames; that ship has sailed

Cultural English 340

Topics: Rodney King Trial and the 1992 Riots; Dick Tracy detective stories; third world; from versus out of; to pull (oneself) together versus to get a hold of (oneself)

Cultural English 341

Topics: Ask an American - Historic court case on gender equal rights; incident versus accident; to throw good money after bad; adding shm- before another word

Cultural English 342

Topics: Movie - Apocalypse Now; getting your child into a private school, K-12; relating to versus related to; down with (the king); to qualify

Cultural English 343

Topics: Famous Americans - Mary Tyler Moore; Famous Songs: “Dem Bones”; to straighten up versus to straighten out; (you’re) tripping; to get/fall into the groove

Cultural English 344

Topics: American Playwrights - Tennessee Williams; how to become a real estate agent; thief versus burglar versus robber versus mugger; to sell someone a bill of goods; to hold up one’s end of a bargain; momentum

Cultural English 345

Topics: Famous Americans - Magic Johnson; the role of ham radio operators in the U.S.; understanding versus knowledge versus acquaintance; below the waist and below the belt; earth to (someone)

Cultural English 346

Topics: Ask an American: Innovation; pain versus sorrow versus woe; manhood; to be over someone versus to be all over someone

Cultural English 347

Topics: American Authors - Erle Stanley Gardner and the Perry Mason TV Series; Boys & Girls Clubs of America; who versus which versus that; It ain’t over till the fat lady sings; to go/be all in

Cultural English 348

Topics: American Presidents - Ulysses S. Grant; James Beard and the James Beard Foundation Awards; limit versus border versus confine; sound; life-affirming

Cultural English 349

Topics: Migrant Farming in the U.S.; American Cities: Palm Springs, CA; patronizing versus condescending; to right every wrong; to belong to versus to belong with

Cultural English 350

Topics: Famous Americans - Thelonious Monk; the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps); pen name; tingling versus stabbing versus burning; gringo

Cultural English 351

Topics: Ask an American - Rural doctors; let’s start versus let’s get started; continuously versus continually; chaos

Cultural English 352

Topics: Movies - E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial; The MacArthur Fellows Program; important versus significant versus critical; tough; navel-gazing

Cultural English 353

Topics: The Dred Scott Decision; the zodiac; to snag versus to hitch; in the moment versus at the moment; I’ll tell you something

Cultural English 354

Topics: American Authors - Ernest Hemingway; the United Nations; you lost versus you’re lost; expert in versus expert on versus expert at; geez

Cultural English 355

Topic: American Presidents - Martin Van Buren; show business secrets; revenue versus profit versus turnover; limerick; how to address in-laws

Cultural English 356

Ask an American – The humanities; another versus the other; however versus conversely; to call it/them like/how (one) sees it/them

Cultural English 357

Topics: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band; the Dust Bowl; suggestion versus hint versus tip versus pointer; increase versus raise; How do you like them apples?

Cultural English 358

Topics: Movies – Guess Who's Coming to Dinner; Famous songs – The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald; to go on versus to keep on versus to move on; the suffix “ship”; to blow a raspberry

Cultural English 359

Topics: Leopold and Loeb Trial; Famous Songs: "The Itsy Bitsy Spider"; tunnel versus channel versus canal; right versus privilege; binge

Cultural English 360

Topics: Famous Americans – Ralph Nader; how to become an astronaut; with reference to versus with regard to versus according to; to confront versus to encounter; “In God We Trust”

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