Cultural English

31-60 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 31

Topics: “American Idol”; Phoenix, Arizona; to ace out; content; delayed"

Cultural English 32

Topics: Rich Dad Poor Dad, how the US government works, sneak previews, this/that/these/those, "so to speak," by all means, to begin with, under a spell, down to earth

Cultural English 33

Topics: High school musicals, what a woman looks for in a man, to drive your point home, to call the shots, pilot TV shows, to be debt-ridden, to be in charge, on behalf of

Cultural English 34

Topics: News anchors, public school curriculum, Mark Twain, dictionary vs. thesaurus, shortened words (rehab, lab, mag, celeb), "apparent suicide," feature presentation

Cultural English 35

Topics: The Da Vinci Code, how Americans pay for retirement, “I could use one,” to hang out, care for vs. care about, tag vs. label, allow vs. permit vs. let, to take the Fifth

Cultural English 36

Topics: Popular words in the US media, People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive, to make a spectacle of yourself, to go berserk, basically, "I'm whooped," doozy, fault vs. defect vs. error, David versus Goliath

Cultural English 37

Topics: Mothers Day and Fathers Day, Seattle, TV show “24,” should be going vs. should go, spur of the moment, slam dunk, relatively vs. extremely vs. tremendously, angry vs. mad vs. upset, off-the-shelf

Cultural English 38

Topics: Newsmagazines, AMBER Alert, reading a map, “Get out of here!”, followed by, “Excuse me” vs. “I’m sorry,” to have something on someone, to teeter on the brink

Cultural English 39

Topics: Country music, July 4th celebrations, clever vs. smart, you formal vs. informal, college vs. high school, to ride vs. to drive, “Tell me about it!”, to throw in the towel

Cultural English 40

Topics: John McCain, Little League sports, how to pronounce years and hours, using “some” plus a number, to hock, larger than life, to cheat on someone, I might say vs. I can say

Cultural English 41

Topics: How to tip in the U.S., famous American museums, pronouncing “a,” comfortable vs. convenient, “I used to” vs. “I use to,” of course

Cultural English 42

Topics: Online dating, Pulitzer Prize winners, sitting duck, pronouncing cheap vs. chip and thank vs. tank, to cross your fingers

Cultural English 43

Topics: Obesity, greeting people in the United States, terrific, finally vs. eventually

Cultural English 44

Topics: United States Postal Service, summer camp, whereas vs. but, RSVP (again), to be unable to make heads or tails of something

Cultural English 45

Topics: Graceland and Elvis, Boston, to have a leg up on someone, flat out, seeing eye dogs, to trip up

Cultural English 46

Topics: Business cards in the US, nationalities in English, dry-eyed, killer app

Cultural English 47

Topics: Retirement communities, American superstitions, fling vs. throw vs. toss

Cultural English 48

Topics: After school activities, ethnic neighborhoods in Los Angeles, nude vs. naked vs. bare, anything but

Cultural English 49

Topics: Labor Day, charitable organizations in the U.S., safety vs. security, clutch vs. grip vs. grab

Cultural English 50

Topics: Baseball and related expressions, “gangsta,” compromise versus commitment

Cultural English 51

Topics: Famous Americans – Stevie Wonder; Indian summer, to cut to the chase, to jaywalk, current vs. present, to prove someone

Cultural English 52

Wills and estates, “No big!”, primordial soup, trouble vs. problem vs. issue vs. situation, answer vs. response vs. reply, though, device vs. gadget vs. gizmo vs. contraption

Cultural English 53

Elections in the U.S., to prove someone wrong, effect vs. affect, to wait on someone vs. to wait for someone, big vs. large, I’m fine vs. I’m good vs. I’m well

Cultural English 54

Topics: Houston, who Americans trust, to get off one’s soapbox, layover vs. transfer, blond vs. blonde

Cultural English 55

Topics: Genealogy, Bill Cosby, to get down on your knees vs. to get down on one knee

Cultural English 56

Topics: Day of the Dead, Desperate Housewives, work vs. job. vs. occupation, older vs. elder

Cultural English 57

Topics: Woodstock Music Festival, Affirmative Action, hands-on vs. hand-off, to struggle, how to ask for a taxi, May I vs. Can I, to carpool

Cultural English 58

Topics: Table manners in the U.S., Washington, D.C., easygoing, down to earth, to put someone in harm’s way, to take a shot at someone, inquiry

Cultural English 59

Topics: Police in the US, The Simpsons, It’s going down, qwerty, can’t help but, stolen glance, witchcraft

Cultural English 60

Topics: Bestselling books in the U.S., Thanksgiving traditions, to figure out, pronouncing can vs. can’t

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