Cultural English

241-270 of 603 Cultural English Lessons

Cultural English 241

Topics: Ask an American: The Princess and the Frog; pronouncing “address”; to cut the bull/ bullsh*t; outspoken versus vocal

Cultural English 242

Topics: Preventing Violence in Schools Post Columbine; American Territories: U.S. Virgin Islands; although versus even though; lite; rate versus rank

Cultural English 243

Topics: Famous TV Animals; Niagara Falls; closed caption versus subtitle; meanwhile versus meantime; using the colon (:)

Cultural English 244

Topics: Ellis Island; The Rat Pack; lots of versus a lot of; sleep versus asleep, wake versus awake, rise versus arise; alpha male

Cultural English 245

Topics: The Grand Canyon; Famous Americans: Georgia O’Keefe; shanty versus apartment versus tenement; alert the media; now what?

Cultural English 246

Topics: Ask an American: Father Damien and leprosy; bring versus take; And you?; trustworthy versus honest

Cultural English 247

Topics: Psycho and Alfred Hitchcock; The Gettysburg Address; to get the most out of versus to take advantage of; who versus whom; status quo

Cultural English 248

Topics: Area 51 and Roswell; American Cities: Baltimore; that versus which; right away versus straightaway

Cultural English 249

Topics: Hate Crime Legislation; State Fairs; shop versus store versus department store; relative to versus related to; Down Under

Cultural English 250

Topics: Comic-Con; Famous Americans: Houdini; I just versus I have just; suit versus match versus fit; levity

Cultural English 251

Topics: Ask an American: Obsolete; regarding versus concerning versus as for; can't be bothered; How you doing?

Cultural English 252

Topics: Famous Authors: Raymond Chandler; the Pony Express; to be involved in versus to be involved with; to make sense; hard on its heels

Cultural English 253

Topics: Chinatown; famous songs: “Home on the Range”; that way versus in that way versus in such a way; neither here nor there; suffer versus suffer from

Cultural English 254

Topics: Famous Americans: Scott Joplin; American Cities: Memphis; picture versus image versus photo; a versus an

Cultural English 255

Topics: Famous Authors: Laura Ingalls Wilder; college secret societies; no one versus nobody versus anybody; Do you feel as though...?; rent versus lease

Cultural English 256

Topics: Ask an American: Chocolate; dispute versus disagreement versus conflict; using “times” in comparing amounts; use of infinitive “to” phrases as adjective, adverb, or noun

Cultural English 257

Topics: Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus; New York Fashion Week; predict versus forecast; foretell versus remind versus recall; polite phrases used before meals

Cultural English 258

Topics: Singing in the Rain; the Federal Reserve; among versus between; of no use

Cultural English 259

Topics: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Famous Songs: Oh! Susanna; whichever versus whatever; tar-and-feather; mutually exclusive

Cultural English 260

Topics: Famous Americans: Evel Knievel; Colonial Williamsburg; to devote versus to dedicate; the title “Dr.”; between now and then

Cultural English 261

Topics: Yelp; Book Review: The Road; advocate versus lawyer versus attorney; any; salmon and count/mass nouns

Cultural English 262

Topics: Famous authors: Maya Angelou; Universal Studios; wise versus savvy versus clever; delicatessen; to end up versus to wind up

Cultural English 263

Topics: American Cities: Albuquerque; Survivor Reality TV Show; yet; differentiation versus distinction; so near and yet so far

Cultural English 264

Topics: On the Waterfront; Famous Songs: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”; bet versus wager versus gamble; U.S. versus U.S.A.; can’t help (doing something)

Cultural English 265

Topics: The Extension Courses System; Famous Americans: Lizzie Borden; Boston accent/dialect and the Boston Brahmin; to speak out of turn

Cultural English 266

Topics: Ask an American: minority doctors; if I were; I wish I were; near versus close; to hold (something) against (someone)

Cultural English 267

Topics: Video-game violence; ROTC; should have done versus should have to do; just versus only; to learn as (one) goes

Cultural English 268

Topics: Famous Authors: Stephen King; Traffic School; cost versus charge versus fee; in a New York minute; couple

Cultural English 269

Topics: Minimum wage; cyber crime; I will want to versus I would want to; except for; conversely

Cultural English 270

Topics: Famous Americans: Eleanor Roosevelt; Renaissance fairs; admit versus confess; mix versus blend; chick flick

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